Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Facebook like button without iframe

Is anyone aware of a Facebook 'like' button implementation that doesn't use an iframe? I'd like to use the like button, but currently can't due to accessibility requirements.

  • You can use the Facebook SDK to do this without an iFrame.

    There are two Like button implementations: XFBML and Iframe. The XFBML version is more versatile, but requires use of the JavaScript SDK. The XFBML dynamically re-sizes its height according to whether there are profile pictures to display, gives you the ability (through the Javascript library) to listen for like events so that you know in real time when a user clicks the Like button, and it always gives the user the ability to add an optional comment to the like. If users do add a comment, the story published back to Facebook is given more prominence.

    Its pretty easy to implement.

    Bobby Jack : Hmmmm... XFBML definitely looks like an option, but I'm put off by the XHTML requirement (currently serving HTML) and the need to register each page as a 'facebook application', which seems like massive overkill. Unless I'm misunderstanding it ...
    piquadrat : The XFBML version of the Like button is transformed into an IFrame by facebook's Javascript code, so you'll end up with an IFrame on your page either way.
    Bobby Jack : Back to square one, then! :-)
    From MrHinsh
  • It is impossible for you to know which Facebook user is viewing your page, so you can't display which users have also liked the content. If you could, that would be a ridiculous security hole.

    The only way to do that is to have an iframe to Facebook's site, and then Facebook shows you which friends have liked the page.

    The best you can do is pull the number of likes from the Graph API.

    Bobby Jack : That makes sense, but isn't there a version that a) allows the user to 'like' the page (that's just a plain link, I assume) and b) show the number of likes?

Google Tasks - Hide completed tasks, don't delete them

I have about 10 unfinished and 10 completed tasks in my Google Task list.

To mark a task as 'done', I click on a checkbox, this puts a strikethrough through the task. This still leaves the a cluttered list of tasks in my task list.

My other choice is to purge all tasks in my task list, using "Actions: Clear Completed Tasks". However, this deletes all of my tasks. I'd like to keep the task list around, for posterity.

Is there a way to hide my completed tasks from view, without deleting them?

  • I think it is not possible to just hide tasks. Your options are either strike through or delete.

    Al Everett : Not currently possible.
  • You could just move them to their own list.

    Stefan Lasiewski : And this is what I did. I created a second list called "Completed Tasks", and I moved any completed tasks to that list. It's a kunky solution which requires many clicks, but it's what I'll do for now.
    Stefan Lasiewski : After this, @Herb Caudill pointed out that Google Tasks offers a "Completed Tasks" view. However, it's a little bit hidden when you are using Google Mail or Google Calendar.
    From 3rdparty
  • Actually, marking a task as complete doesn't delete it, even after you choose "clear completed tasks". You can always view completed tasks. In the console view ( ) just choose the "Completed tasks" view. In Gmail or Gcal, you can choose "Actions/View Completed Tasks".

    Stefan Lasiewski : @Herb : That's great. I had no idea that I could access tasks outside of Gmail/Gcal. This works for my work's Google Apps hosted account. It also works for my regular (non-hosted) gmail/gcal account. It's viewable at

Is there a way to make Amazon visually show me that a product can't be shipped to my default location?

I live in Italy but this may be a problem for many people who don't live in US.

It often happens that for some reason a product can't be sent in Italy/Europe/somewhere. I don't know why and the only way to find it out is to proceed to checkout.

I'd like it to be showed somehow before it because it's very disappointing, I'd like to see it in my search result for example!

Is there a way to do it?

  • No.

    The reason for this is that even a foreigner can buy stuff as a present for someone who is livinging at a place where the items could be sent to.

    And there is no way for Amazon to know where the items to ship before proceeding to checkout.

    Mr. Shiny and New : I can think of a way for Amazon to guess potential shipping problems. They could check your default address. They could do IP Geo-location. They could ask you what country you plan to ship to. ebay lets you filter your search results based on ship destination and you don't even need to log in.
    akira : then answer the question.
    From akira

Xsl transformation free online editor

I am looking for a Xsl transformation free online editor. I have found w3schools TryIt Editor, but I need some more extended one. I need a tool with custom output formatting and more.

Thank you for any help.

From web app igor
  • There is an open source in browser editor called CodeMirror. It doesn't hace an xsl parser, but you can add one. It does have an xml/html and an xquery parser

    Michael Paulukonis : In other words, "roll-your-own", nothing pre-existing out there....

Free CMS for hierarchical site

For a presentation site, I would like a free CMS having the following features:

High priority

  • hierarchical site - each page/post is in a specific section (this must also reflect in the friendly URL - EG I don't want the link to be /2010/05/20/title-of-post, but /section-a/title)

  • tags

  • breadcrumbs

  • integration with Google Maps (simple functionality, only to show some places on the map)

  • integration with Google ads

  • SEO friendly

Low priority

  • full text search

  • integration with Facebook Connect

  • rich text editor for posts

  • automatic sitemap generation

  • votes, comments, etc

I do not have a technology limitation.

Could you please give me your top 3 choices?

  • The Open source CMS, Plone and it's add-on products will do everything on your list. It runs on Linux, Windows or OS X.

    I've used it for many years and would recommend it highly.

    Organizations as diverse as NASA, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Nokia, eBay, Novell, the State Universities of Pennsylvania and Utah, as well as the Brazilian and New Zealand governments — all use Plone. - Via

    From Jon Hadley
  • I like WordPress.

    You can customize its URLs for news items to not include dates, but instead use (nested) categories.

    Or you can use posts, which can be nested too. I find the URLs for nested pages just a little less intuitive, but can't really even explain why. Maybe it is slashes at the end (e.g. /parent/child/).

    The rest of the options are available via plugins or you can theme it.

    The good news with WordPress is that it gives you archive and categories and other navigational collections for free. The bad news is that it only does that for blog posts/news. So, if you have multiple news streams, you will not be able to just do that.

    Also, the WordPress pages interface (out of the box) is not that good with very large sites. But I believe there are plugins for better interface.

    And WordPress 3 has been adding features to directly compete with other bigger CMSs too.

    tomjedrz : Here is a site of a WP theme designed to "amplify" the CMS features.
    tomjedrz : FYI .. There is a StackExchange site for WordPress that just hit private beta. It should hit public beta on 19-Aug or so.
    Alexandre Rafalovitch : I'll be there. I am currently building a corporate theme/WCM with WordPress....

Free alternatives to Google Wave?

Do you know some free alternatives to Google Wave to collaborate with other people on discussions/projects. They should provide at minimum the following features:

  • Create private discussions
  • Invite people to discussions
  • Possibility to edit other users posts
  • Simple text formatting (bold, italic, colored font)
  • Notifications
  • Track changes since last visit

Additional nice and welcome features are:

  • Insert polls
  • Share documents (editing capabilities would be great)
  • Share images
  • Share attachments

UPDATE BOUNTY: Now that Google has announced to abandon Google Wave project, I really need an alternative.

UPDATE FREE: Free means that spend money on hosting a script/software is not a solution for me.

UPDATE REQS: I removed sharing of images/attachments/documents from minimum requirements.

  • Yep, Google wave is free and is now available for everyone! (In the US)

    But just to give you an alternative, you could try Open Wonderland. Its different than Google Wave, but supports your minimum feature set.

    Open Wonderland is a 100% Java open source toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. Within those worlds, users can communicate with high-fidelity, immersive audio, share live desktop applications, and collaborate in an education, business, or government context. Wonderland is completely extensible; developers and graphic artists can extend its functionality to create entirely new worlds and add new features to existing worlds.

    neo : And I thought Second Life is gone...
  • I'm guessing the only reason you can't use the public and free Google Wave is because you need some sort of behind the firewall, on premise hosting solution.

    If you need Google Wave like functionality inside a firewall or for some other reason can't use the public server, you can run the prototype implementation of the FedOne server. It doesn't have a slick web interface (or any web interface at all last time I checked) but it gives you the functionality if you need it on your own network, you'll just need to create your own interfaces as you need them, but it is free.

    Novell is creating Pulse to bring Wave into the enterprise, which will be available for on premise deployment, but of course won't be free.

    From danivovich
  • You can use Google docs for that.

    The discussion part wouldn't be as we are use to, but you can create a document and share ideas over there.

    Casebash : Google docs even has wave's instant editing now
    Oscar Reyes : @Casebash: Yeap, you can see how is typing what instantaneously.
  • I'm not sure how good this is, but I guess it comes pretty close: Pligus

    From thunderror
  • Google Wave's source code is open so you could install it on a server and use it for yourself.

    If you are willing to use a combination of products, here's what's available for you (there are other options, but these will do):

    • for dicsussions/text document editing (as suggested by 3rdparty) or Campfire if editing other people's post is not mandatory
    • Dropbox for sharing any other types of documents (images, binaries, etc.), you can even track modifications with their web app

    If you truly want to track modifications on documents, bitbucket (1 free private repository) or GitHub (free if everything is public) work well and both provide a good web UI. The downside is that you and your collaborators need to learn to use Mercurial or Git (depending on which one you use).

    Zoredache : Except that is only the server and protocol. It doesn't seem to include the webapp part.
    GoodEnough : Indeed, it seems they never open-sourced the client-server code, only the "messaging service".
    From GoodEnough
  • I haven't found suitable alternatives to Wave yet, but these are two solutions that have open-source community editions and could be expanded upon:



    I am hoping they open the source on the Google Wave webapp, and that we see Wave live on through individually hosted servers.

    From tcp
  • A service you might want to check out is They say it's "Simple real-time sharing, collaboration, and more.". Not quite the same as Google Wave, but similar. They also have an API, so you could probably make something like very similar to Google Wave. I think what they have already is most of what you are looking for.

  • You can try Glasscubes which is free.

    marco.ragogna : Free but only for 2 users and 2 workspaces. Too less
    From MichealH
  • Have you tried Zenbe Shareflow(

    They provide 1GB free storage.

  • As the founder of pligus, I would agree with thunderror and invite everyone here to try it:

    The main differences and improvements is that you share your screen and draw or comment an image together. Also, pligus has videoconference, which makes the communication part much better :)

    I am open for questions and feedbacks. You all can talk to me right here or at

  • What about hosting your own EtherPad install?

    If that's scary, try:

    marco.ragogna : EtherPad installation would require an hosting that I don't have. is free only for public discussions. seems to allow only public discussion too, or I was not able to find how to create a private one.
    From 3rdparty
  • PyGoWave is one of the most promising free clones right now. Emphasis on "promising"; the functionality offered is currently pretty basic. It looks like it's easier to set up than Google's Wave offerings, though.

    Alternatively, if you want something that works now and you mostly used Google Wave as a persistent online chatroom, Anologue is great. It doesn't have an inbox, contact list, allow editing of existing posts, or support threading. But it works really, really well as as substitute for chatting on Wave. It's open source too, so you can add an inbox and hook into Google contacts if you have the skillz.

    From James
  • Check out Flowdock. It should be able to match your requirements.

    From dmni

Are there any good Pandora alternatives with general availability outside the US?

Unfortunately for us Europeans (and all the other non-US) based people, services like Pandora aren't available.

So does anyone know a good alternative to Pandora, where you can listen to streaming music?

Preferably free and not restricted to certain countries. Spotify for instance would be awesome, but is only available in a couple of countries. isn't free and Youtube has to take the music from certain videos or doesn't even show them.

  • I kind of like The 61. It's a website targeted at people who want to discover new music. I found some pretty cool stuff there, but there's also lots of crappy songs.

    From what I know, it works without geographical limitations. I listen to it in Czech Republic without a problem.

    Book 'em Danno : yup - is the best music site I've found (I listen to it more than Pandora) and love the quests it gives each user to accomplish to earn more hearts.
    From Fczbkk
  • There's we7 which streams music free, I don't believe there are any country/region restrictions

    akira : i can get only 30s snippets...
  • Have you tried Grooveshark ? although you have to have a browser window open, it's still pretty good

    Slavo : It's not pretty good, it's awesome!
    Joe Philllips : I've had issues with Grooveshark running out of songs to play then just stopping. Maybe that's pebcak
    Stefan Lasiewski : Wow. +1 for pointing me to Grooveshark.
    Sidnicious : It's awesome, except for the fact that the Grooveshark iPhone client has been repeatedly rejected by Apple (they made it available through Cydia after a few months of review purgatory, I'm not sure that's improving their chances).
    davr : Probably wont ever be approved for iPhone, Grooveshark is way too music piracy friendly, which Apple probably feels hurts their iTunes store.
    From jfoucher
  • I like slacker radio. Pretty sure you can use it anywhere, I'm in Canada and it works for me!

    alex : Sadly, it doesn't work everywhere...
    Matias : " We're Sorry Slacker Personal Radio is not available in your area. Unfortunately, Slacker Personal Radio is currently only available in the United States. "
    From Joel


    CrazyJugglerDrummer : its also massively popular, like pandora.
    : I live in Brazil and I used to listen to until they started charging a monthly fee for users outside of the US and Canada. Just went back today and it seems to be working fine, but the FAQ still mentions that users outside the USA/Canada will have to pay Strange....
    : Replying to my previous post. Apparently was running in trial mode (30 tracks for free) and now I have to pay to subscribe and keep listening. Guess somehow my old account reverted back to a free trial.
  • I'd like to second the Grooveshark recommendation, though I either don't have enough points to comment on the original reply (or just don't know how).

    In any case, a key advantage to Grooveshark over Pandora is that you can play any song you want at any time, and can even replay it. Sometimes I get a song stuck in my head and I just want to hear it right now, Grooveshark let's me do that. On Pandora, I can type in the songs name and just hope I hear it sometime in the first 10-15 songs.

    Grooveshark also has a mobile client for Android and iPhone, I'm an Android user myself and have found it works well on that platform.

    Grooveshark doesn't have quite the same recommendation engine as Pandora/ I find myself using it more as a personal on-line library of favorite songs or play lists I build myself and want to hear vs. a radio station interface that picks songs for me.

    From morganm
  • If you don't need to have access to all of popular music, try Uvumi.

  • Future Perfect Radio is a nice service featuring indie music : Future Perfect Radio

    From mattle
  • ?

    akira : does not work in europe, as OP mentioned.
    Unsliced : Erm, yes it does. I'm in the UK and use it perfectly well.
  • Another Vote for Groove Shark. It is great for your own collection as well as listening to others. If you want to upload one of your own and it is already in the system it doesn't actually upload your song again, it just adds it to your library. The RADIO function works like Pandora but doesn't seem to be as good at finding "Good" Songs. Making playlists and adding songs to Favorites is easy as pie and works great. Combine it with Groove Shark Mobile and it can't be beat.

    From Pipermac
  • I like They have a neat tool that well search through your music on your computer and create radio stations based on it.

    From Particle6
  • Free online music player based on HTML5 - (currently available in Russian language)

  • I listen to a stream in Pandora, and add the Good songs to my Grooveshark playlist. Then when I have enough good stuff, I put my grooveshark playlist on shuffle/repeat and kick back and enjoy!

    From Jake
  • I love grooveshark but I've been using various other sites as well depending on how I feel, most have been recommended already:

    The Sixty One (

    Uvumi (

    I'd also like to recommend meemix - kind of like grooveshark in that it recommends music to you but also have a feature from sixty one where you can tell the radio how adventurous you are about your music. Pretty cool I think.

    From warrenyang
  • In the wake of's demise, I was in a similar situation. Currently evaluating Rdio as a potential replacement. The selection isn't exceptional, but the web streaming works great, as does the iPhone app.

    From joshjs
  • is in beta but looking good. Very simple, good selection.

    Bala Clark : I like this service too, but it doesn't do all the cool custom station stuff that pandora / will. Its pretty much a dev side project for a couple of guys at the moment.
    From Kurtosis
  • I definately recommend we7 if you are in the UK or IE (you'll get 30sec previews elsewhere)

    for those recommending grooveshark, be aware that there are some doubts over it's legality, in that it doesn't pay the rights holders of the songs it has - it's been sued by EMI and now Universal:

    From Peet
  • It's not an equivalent to Pandora, which I too miss since it was limited to the US, but I'd recommend NPR's First Listen. They allow you to listen to albums that have not yet been released. Each album is available for a few weeks so only a few albums are available at any given time. However, they have a great taste, and it's well worth watching their list.

    From eran
  • Try

    From thunderror
  • - just like Pandora but with youtube videos.

    From holla
  • is an on-demand streaming service available in Germany, the UK, and Japan (in addition to the U.S.). They have a 7-day trial period.

    From fukami
  • I like Jango. not sure if it's available in the UK, but it is in Canada.

    From Patricia
  • Free Indian Music Filmy, Classical, Instrumental and Regional

    From pramodc84

Using Yahoo Pipes and loops

I have a feed from Google Books that lists some books I have. I want to create a new feed that has the Books' prices (as used books, going to feed it to a next service to get the prices). Yahoo pipes loop module does not allow operator modules or user input modules.

How can iterate though the Google Books' Feed items so that I can use it for a next service say a Fetch Page Module ?

From web app phwd
  • Yahoo pipes are not the recommended way to go forward. Yahoo itself has replaced it with YQL and that's where all the innovation is. Look specifically at community tables and at Execute statements, it might be relevant.

    phwd : Cool where did you hear that Yahoo Pipes was replaced with YQL? I use YQL statements within Yahoo Pipes currently.
    Alexandre Rafalovitch : Hmm. I heard it directly from Yahoo at Yahoo's New York Hack Day (two days including a hack night - awesome). At the time they said that Pipes were going away and YQL will be the way forward. But that was a while ago. I just did a search and can see the mention of Pipe 2, now powered by YQL. I guess people still prefer visual interface and they changed their opinions. My bad, should have double checked the references first. Let's hope somebody else can help with the pipe syntax then.
  • You can put one of your pipes inside the loop operator, acting as a subpipe.

    From tic

Font Search App

I read about an webapp that you can point at an image that contains text and it will tell you what font was used to create it.

Unfortunately I can't remember what it was called ... does anyone have a link?

From web app chris

DNS sub-domain registration

Is it possible to register a sub-domain if you don't own the base domain?

For example, could I register if I don't own

  • No. Only if you own the top level domain, would the domain registrar allow you to add sub-domains.

    Pipermac : That is Correct!
    torbengb : Actually it's not the registrar that allows you to specify subdomains, but rather your hosting/DNS service. My domains are registered in Denmark but hosted in USA, and the subdomains are managed by the hosting provider.
    grokus : @torbengb, at least for me, I have two domain names registered at and hosted elsewhere. I can manage my subdomains at
    From grokus

Web application for assistance with SQL Syntax/Nesting?

Between Notepad++ and TextPad and various sql development tools, I can't seem to find a single application that can assist with IF/THEN nesting or whatnot.

Is there a web application that can assist with this kind of thing?

I'm thinking something that can show if your if/then are out when your tab leveling, or something. It would be a great visual assistance tool for developers.

  • If you are talking about Transact SQL I would suggest looking at Redgate tools, specifically SQL Prompt as it will help some.

    In general it is pretty poor coding practice to have IF/THEN loops statements that are nested very deep. In general I have never found a time when I use more than 2-3 IF/ELSE IF and then maybe 1 nested 1 inside. If you have more than that I would suggest looking at how to simplify your code.

    Otherwise could you be more specific what SQL language are you using and what do you mean by IF/THEN nesting?

    glasnt : Technically it's If-begin-end; the standard for Sybase. I was just wondering if there was an app out where you could get some nice tab-intenting happening for specified conditions, like an autoformatter; but with added nesting notifications, e.g. coloured background, that one could then parse their code in a visual way to find issues with stray end clauses (which has been what I've banged my head against for the last week fretting over)
    RandomBen : Unfortunately, I don't know of any tools for Sybase.
    From RandomBen
  • This question was also asked on SO.

    SQL Inform seems the best SQL one. Sorry I can't say I've used it though, I use Sql Redgate to layout my SQL.

    glasnt : A 100 line limit is limiting though, or you pay 30 euro, which I don't want to do.

How can I mix categories and pages in the same Wordpress menu (or display posts of a given category on a page)?

I'm putting together a small Wordpress site for a local farmer's market and one of the requirements is to mix a few post-categories in with the page navigation menu. While I can make Apache rewrite rules to redirect users from a dummy page to the correct category, I'm hoping to find a plugin that would allow managing these pages-showing-categories through the Wordpress admin UI. Alternatively, a plugin that allowed custom ordering of pages and categories in a single menu would solve this as well.

Partial Solution:

I have found Category Page plugin, but it focuses on bringing page content into the category archive page rather than bringing the category content into a page (and thereby allowing it to show in the page menu). The Category Page plugin does have 'experimental' support for putting a listing of posts in the page using a [catlist=4] syntax in the page, but this just gives a stripped down list of posts like this:

Category listing given by Category Page

rather than the full category listing:

alt text

  • Are you on WordPress 3.0? The menu functionality in 3.0 will let you to mix and match different menu options. If that doesn't work let me know; I have a "post list shortcode" plugin that I've written but not yet released I could send you that would let you embed lists of posts into a page.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, since you are being told this is off-topic, can I suggest you add your weight to the WordPress Answers exchange so we can get that StackExchange finally started?

    Adam Franco : Thanks, I was using on WP 2.9. I guess this is a good reason to upgrade. :-)
    MikeSchinkel : YES! WordPress 3.0 is IMO the most important upgrade for WordPress yet!

Importing RSS items into Facebook

I want to import my (Wordpress-based) blog entries into my Facebook account to share them with my FB friends.

FB already has a built-in function to create Notes based on RSS items. The problem is that it's not automatically refreshing for me, ever. Even though FB claims that it was refreshed on a recent date/time, I don't get new Notes unless I go in and manually trigger a refresh. That's a pain.

So, I'd like to know what the best way to get my content into FB is. Is there some trick to making the built-in FB importer work properly? Or are there better 3rd-party tools that I could use and avoid the headache?

  • Not sure if it will work for you but I just found an app on Facebook called RSS Graffiti which lets you do pretty much what you asked above. I'm using it for a Fan page wall and my Classified ads based Wordpress site. Now my users post an ad on my site and they get double the exposure.

    Craig Walker : Sounds like exactly what I want; I'll give it a try as soon as I can.
  • You can import them as Facebook notes

    Craig Walker : I mentioned FB's Notes import, and why it's not working, in the body of my question.

Are there any webapps for sharing contact information?

Are there any good webapps for sharing contact details with friends AS WELL AS people I'm doing business with?

I know there are programs out there like Bump which make this process "fun" and "easy" but I want some other suggestions. I don't always find others who use Bump and I'd like to know what you all think is the best way to get your contact info shared with other people. I'm obviously looking for apps which are accessible via the web as well, but if they have mobile phone apps which extend the service (or even offer "off-the-grid" solutions), that's great, too!

**EDIT: I'm mostly interested in solutions which don't require the recipient to be part of any membership network to receive my contact info.

  • Plaxo is the first one that comes into my mind. Also, take a look at Contails.

    Michael : I added some clarification to my question since some meaning was removed in an edit. Plaxo is very business oriented and has a members-only model which make it hard to share with people who don't use the service. I'd like to avoid these attributes if possible. Thanks for the suggestion!
    From Alex
  • I don't know of anything that works exactly the way you want. You might look up WP Contact Manager for Wordpress ( or you might try digging around for services using Portable Contacts ( and/or Webfinger (

    Michael : I looked really hard for that Contact Manager Theme, but it looks like it changed to a SaaS type model. REALLY appreciate the Portable Contacts link. It seems like the sort of protocol support I should be looking for in a provider. Thanks.
    Michael : Of all the solutions, the Portable Contacts protocol gives the most promising way of fulfilling my needs. Thanks again!
  • You can use Contxts to SMS your "business card".

    Michael : This also sounds like a really great solution. Probably the closest one to what I'm looking for. Don't like the fact that you can only link up profiles if they belong to the same network, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.
    From Adam
  • Try

    Michael : I appreciate the suggestion however seems like another take on Plaxo. I'm still playing with it, but I'm doubtful. Thanks still!
    From tinmaru
  • Most contact info applications (Outlook on Windows, Address Book on Mac, etc.) support a data format called VCF or vCard. Export your card as a .vcf file, then place that file on your blog or business website. You can now give a link to users; when they download the file it create a new entry in their contact application.

    How to export your vCard:

    Address Book On Mac:

    1. Open Address Book
    2. Find (or create and save) your entry
    3. Right click on your name, select "Export vCard..."
    4. Save your vCard

    Outlook on Windows:

    1. Open Outlook --> Contacts
    2. Find (or create and save), then open your entry
    3. Select "File" --> "Save As..."
    4. In the dialog box, locate the "Save as type" dropdown menu
    5. Select "vCard Files (.vcf)"
    6. Save your vCard
    Michael : The vCard format is a nice solution, however there are many aspects which work against it. You need to download and import that card into whatever software you use and then have to update the vCard anytime the owner makes changes (which hopefully you're somehow made aware of, somehow). This alone makes it less appealing than any of the other options presented. Likewise, it still has its place in someone's workflow. Thanks, though.
    From Jerry H.

Is there a way to increase the size of the post editor in WordPress?

The editing textarea in WordPress is too small for anything but short posts. How do I make it bigger?

  • In the settings for writing, the first option is "Size of the post box", juste increase this number.

    You can also just drag the bottom right corner down to increase it directly when writing a post.

    Chris_K : Not entirely positive, but I think the second sentence is browser dependent (and I rely on it!)
    From GoodEnough

More than 3 routes on Google Maps

Hi All,

Can one get more than 3 suggested routes via Google Maps?

If so, how?



  • If you click on the blue line route you can then drag a point on it to somewhere else, effectively changing the route.

    Kyle Rozendo : Im looking for more suggested routes, otherwise I may as well plot my own one.
    Dan Diplo : Suit yourself, but being able to drag and change routes is one of the most useful aspects of Google maps directions, IMO. It's nothing like equivalent to plotting your own one.
    From Dan Diplo
  • It doesn't appear that way, according to this unofficial blog post about the feature, which only mentions 3 suggested routes.

    However, there is one method of getting a few more alternate routes, by using the Avoid highways or Avoid tolls options, which are visible when you click on Show options. More info about this feature.

    I've noticed that if you have more than two points, it won't offer alternative suggested routes, so make sure you only have two points defined. Similarly, you should avoid dragging the route, as it also removes any suggested routes.

    From Senseful
  • A workaround, since it looks like you can't quite do this in Google Maps automatically:

    I would try breaking the route into two or three parts (depending on length), and then changing the intermediate point(s) a little bit. See what suggestions you get on the partial routes.

    You can combine them into one route when you're done, but unfortunately, you'd need to do all this manually.

    Another idea is to play with the different modes: Driving, walking, and cycling will often give you very different routing suggestions.

    From neilfein