Friday, May 6, 2011

Java and MSMQ

Hi everyone, I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on a Java library that provides access to MSMQ? I've downloaded the trial of the J-Integra Java-COM library and have built and run their MSMQ example app, but I was curious if there were any good (free :)) alternatives. I've run across a few JNI implementations like jMSMQ and a few others, but I'd rather avoid JNI if possible.

We've also investigated some .NET<->JMS interop solutions like JNBridge (with ActiveMQ). I think our company has decided to centralize our queueing in MSMQ however, so that would be our ideal solution.

We are hoping to use WCF (netMsmq or msmqIntegration) on the .NET side. I'm a little concerned about how the java side will deal with the WCF messages (binary encoding), but there should be options there (customBinding with text encoding and MSMQ transport?), so I'm not too worried about that. Mostly worried about getting access to MSMQ in Java.

Our other option is to just put a thin web-service layer at the input end of each queue, and achieve interop that way. Performance is a little bit of a concern there, however.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot for anyone's time.

From stackoverflow
  • You might take a look at how Apache Camel does it: msmq - Apache Camel

    Andy White : Thanks for the answer, I'll check it out
  • As far as I understand J-Integra is the only pure Java implementation of MSMQ, ie this is the only alternative if you are not running on Windows. (Please let me know if there are other alternatives!)

    Apache Camel and other uses JNI to access the Windows API (DLL files) which obviously means that is only works on Windows.

    I am currently trying out the code provided here which seems simple to use, but I'm not really sure how transactions work.

    Cheeso : I didn't do anything with transactions in the MsmqJava thing. MsmqJava also relies on JNI to the MSMQ Win32 apis. I don't know a better way to do it. MSMQ does not present a (documented) remote interface.
  • There is an open-source library on CodePlex: MsmqJava. Free.

  • I am author of jni4net, open source intraprocess bridge between JVM and CLR. It's build on top of JNI and PInvoke. No C/C++ code needed. I hope it will help you.

  • You can also try the which is also provide a complete solution of MSMQ JAVA interoperability.As well this having Unicode ASCII all functionality.In other dll based open source having memory leakage problem like crashing of application.But this open source don't having any memory leakage problem.


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