Friday, May 6, 2011

best resource video for learning php

I recently found this post on SO: best-resources-to-learn-javascript

and have really learned a lot from Douglas Crockford's video series.

I'm not new to PHP, but I would like to see a comparable video series on PHP (either from a beginner's perspective, or from a more advance angle)

  • Can anyone suggest similar videos / lecture series on PHP that are as well thought out and presented?

  • In a related vein, I would also appreciate links to really awesome videos that introduce the DOM (I did see Crockford's DOM videos, but would like to see more)

From stackoverflow
  • videos are fine, but for a beginner, i think this book is invaluable kryptonite

    42 : I have the Object Oriented PHP book by the same publisher and several books in the friends of ed series. I like them all, but was hoping for something along the lines of the Crockford 'the best parts' advice lectures -- but for php.
  • Video:
    - KillerPHP

    - W3Schools Tutorials

    - PHP Anthology Vol 1
    - PHP Anthology Vol 2


    Luc M : It's funny to see that the link "Start learning PHP now!" from site "W3Schools Tutorials" points to an asp page.
    Keith Donegan : Very Nice spot :)
  • Diving into PHP

    You can also find a serie on JQuery, Regex, WordPress... Nice videos!


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