Thursday, April 21, 2011

Using USB port from c++


i was just wondering if somebody could give me any pointers about how to use USB ports on Ubuntu(and other unix systems) &&/|| (and/or :]) windows. I was trying to googling some stuff up but i failed horribly. Even names of libraries to be used etc would be appriciated.

Thanks, Tomas Herman

From stackoverflow
  • You can use libusb for direct access to USB.

    If you instead wish to use a USB serial port or other device for which the OS already has drivers, look for other means. E.g. /dev/input/event* or /dev/ttyUSB* devices on Linux.

    Mike DeSimone : One thing to note: libusb 1.0 and later is only supported for some Unixen; Mac OS X and Windows are not supported. libusb 0.1 is cross-platform.
    Arg : thanks for the heads up
  • Two quick links for you: - The Linux USB project - "...the libusb project. It aims to create a library for use by user level applications to access USB devices regardless of OS."


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