Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mootools build form

So I am trying to make a custom in place editor in mootools and I want to use a form. Whenever I do try to create a form it just creates <form class="inplaceeditor-form" method="post" action="#"/> How can I make it a form where I can inject other elements?

From stackoverflow
  • You have to create the other input elements to go inside the form. Something like this:

       // create the form element
       var form = new Element('form', {'action' : 'your/action', 'class' : 'inplaceeditor-form'});
      //create the textbox
       var textarea = new Element('textarea', {'name' : 'myTextarea'});
        //create the submit button  
     var button = new Element('input', {'type' : 'submit', 'value' : 'Submit Me!'});
       // this puts the textarea and the button into the form
       // put the form inside what ever container you user
       // the code above should give you this
       <div id="myContainer">
           <form action="your/action" method="post" class="inplaceeditor-form">
                <textarea name="myTextarea"></textarea>
                <input type="submit" value="Submit Me!" />


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