Thursday, April 28, 2011

Specify a Proxy in config vs code for a WSE/SOAP web service

Is there a way to specify a WSE3 proxy in the config file instead of code. I figured out how to get it working in code as follows:

valservice.Proxy = new System.Net.WebProxy("http://10.192.xx.xx:8080", true);

Details: I have a WCF wrapper web service that is calling a WSE3 external vendor web service. The WSE3 code was working fine when called from a form, but not when running under IIS as another web service.

From stackoverflow
  • Any reason why you cannot use the normal appSettings for this?

    See an example here.

    NealWalters : No, I was just guessing that there was a more standardized way to do it. In WCF, there seem to be XML for everything, but maybe not with WSE3?
    Wim Hollebrandse : So the Proxy was indeed the connectivity issue as per your previous question then, I take it?
    NealWalters : Wim - Yes - I put in my own answer there.


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