Thursday, April 28, 2011

HttpWebRequest.Address vs HttpWebResponse.ResponseUri

Whats the difference between these two properties?

To put into context, I am determining if a redirect occurs if our ResponseUri != RequestUri.

While a redirect occurs regardless the url will provide a different ResponseUri ( than the Address (

It appears the ResponseUri takes the Content-Location header and uses it while the Address maintains the correct location.

Would it be correct to compare the RequestUri to the HttpWebRequest.Address to check for redirects?

From stackoverflow
  • Have you thought about setting request.AllowAutoRedirect=false and then reissuing the request on a redirect?

    The Uri comparison should also work fine, although I am not sure of all the edge cases

    Pat : I have considered setting the AllowAutoRedirect to false, however if I am able to handle the redirect with the current comparison I would venture for that.
  • Yes, comparing request.RequestUri and request.Address is the way to go. At least in Mono response.ResponseUri is the same as request.Address.


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