Thursday, April 28, 2011

Modularizing Rails applications

I'm looking for a way to modularize Rails applications. As I've seen there is no built-in way of accomplishing it. I've found different plugins/core hacks but I feel untrusted about the way they work and their maturity.

Do you have any experience on this?

So far I found this ones:

From stackoverflow
  • Rails engines are part of the current stable rails 2.X and so aren't really "hacks" anymore. They seem like a good fit if you want to add fairly course-grained application functionality to an application - a good example might be adding a blog or CMS-style functionality to another application. Checkout the railscast on engines here:

    If you're looking to modularize on the front end - more "widget" style, you might want to look at cells:

    knoopx : I was looking for a way of modularizing sub-applications into Rails applications but that Cells plugins look interesting too. Thanks
    knoopx : I've seen the screencast and I don't like the fact that I need to copy and mix migrations/assets into the root application directories. Is there any way to avoid it (3rd party *rake* tasks...)?


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