Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can i use VSS 2005 internet client plugin from Visual Studio 2008 to access SVN?

I use visual studio 2008 for my development purpose. I also have Visual Source Safe 2005 client installed both at my office computer and my laptop. I like the private source control repository provided by But it supports SVN.

Is there any way that I can use VSS 2005 internet plug in to access (Check In/Check Out) from SVN repository?

From stackoverflow
  • Why would you want to do this? Either use TortoiseSVN, or one of the plugins that integrate with Visual Studio like VisualSVN or AnkhSVN.

    Ismail : Are VisualSVN and AnkSVN free?
    RichardOD : VisualSVN is paid, AnkSVN is free and so is Tortoise. Personally I just use Tortoise as I am not bothered about Visual Studio integration.


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