Thursday, April 21, 2011

is it possible to use lucene(on linux) and windows) at the same time?

Hi ,

I want to start a new project I need performance as well as a neat and robust GUI

about the performance I have around 2 millions documents which I like to index'em by the help of lucene installed on linux due to its performance and security.

and about GUI I'd like to have flexible and professional look website and since I'm experienced with .net I'd like to retrieve the lucene's result and show it in my own way.

I've heard about some RESTful services available inside the lucene but I don't have any clue according to that and how to connect these two together.

how can I connect to lucene?


From stackoverflow
  • One option: Install Solr on Linux. Solr is a nice search server built based on Lucene that supports REST-like XML and JSON APIs. ASP can parse JSON and from there you can build your own front end in

    austin powers : you mean I have to install lucene then solr on top of that?
    Yuval F : No. You just install Solr. It will bring Lucene along.
  • Lucene has been ported to .Net.

    We use it for our website to index various things, and these indexes are in the millions too. If you're wanting to use Linux in the belief that it's more efficient, then it's not a matter of the choice of OS but of accessing a remote Lucene system.

    austin powers : yeah I know exists but I want to run lucene under linux as a safe and fast engine for my indexing and distill its result into and create whatever I want , say a hierarchical search engine or an enterprise document manager etc... I do believe in power of to build such those things but I don't believe in MS windows performance. can you explain more about your situation ? have you installed on MS windows server? and does it have the performance just like linux? just for your record right now we are using index server and
    yodaj007 : I'm not getting into a 'is linux more efficient than windows' discussion. This isn't the place and it will only start a flame war. Yes, we it installed on a Windows system.


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