Thursday, April 21, 2011

iPhone SDK: Loading Facebook Connect Login View before everything else

I have a full iPhone application done but I now want to add Facebook Connect. My question is how to load a new/separate view that only has the Facebook Connect button. I need it to be that the only way they can get into the app is for the Facebook login to be successful. If there is a current active Facebook session then this will no longer load the next time they launch the app.

Where do I begin with the code to put into my AppDelegate?

From stackoverflow
  • I have the same issue with an iPhone app that I'm developing except I need a basic login view of some sorts to validate the user. Did you ever find a resolution?

  • Yes I have a similar problem too. It is so stupid to have another view page just for the login. I can't find a solution too. Have you found it yet? please do share your knowledge. I kindly appreciate.

  • Try to google FacebookAgent...This way, you get the typical pop-up for Facebook to login

  • hey guys if u r facing any prob in Facebook API to connect/login on Facebook then check out this blog.... it will help u alot....

    I am also working for the same issue discussed above n I m abt to complete it... in a few days/ hours...


    Vivek Sharma



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