Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Will I have to rewrite any major pieces of code for iis7.5?

Does anybody know if there are any major changes in IIS7.5 that is coming with Windows 7 that will require rewriting all or a portion of a major website (CMS). Obviously not knowing my code, it is hard to judge this, but I haven't found any announcements of what is expected in IIS7.5 and would like to get a heads up.

From stackoverflow
  • Sorry. I miss understand.

    esac : This doesn't discuss any changes in IIS7.5 regarding the module. Also it is only 1 aspect of my website that I am curious about.
  • Don't expect any breaking changes. This document shows the changes.

    IIS7 introduced a lot of new features, and was a somewhat dramatic change. IIS 7.5 just builds on on that. Some features that one can now download via the Web Platform Installer (like FTP 7.5) will be included in IIS 7.5 from the get go.

  • I've imported a few of my projects over to Win7's IIS and if you're coming from an IIS7 environment then everything hums (so far). If you're coming from a lower version of IIS then there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration (ex. system.webServer node in your web.config).

    You're right however, I have no idea what your code is other than a CMS. From personal experience, I've encountered no problems.


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