Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Suggest me a CSS-reset & base framework

Hi there,

I will not asking CSS framework such as Blueprint or 960, lately i began to think that YUI CSS reset & base was too much bloated, so i need a simpler, efficient (in size) and effective CSS reset (and it's base) that support multiple browser or at least IE6-8 (Trident), Opera(Presto), Firefox(Gecko), Webkit

Remember i don't ask about CSS framework nor grid system


From stackoverflow
  • This question has been asked and answered before:

    Dels : yes i've read all that articles, Eric Meyer only gave us a css-reset stylesheet, what i need is reset+base (thats why i change my title)
    alex : @Dels, The reset provides the base to work from
  • I would just use the YUI reset.css. That's not to big, and then handle the rest yourself. Your probably better off building the site layout entirely from scratch because it will be way easier then learning some bloated framework, and it will be more lightweight.

    Dels : in fact i already use that, i want another alternative for that...
    teh_noob : I don't think there are really any other real alternatives. They all have to do the exact same thing so they all pretty much have the exact same code. Too make it seem lighter why don't you just compress the CSS to decrease the file size.
    anonymous coward : As far as my experience (quite a bit) Yahoo offers the best Reset+Base, when you consider how they document exactly how to control the related styles in Base, etc.
  • Don't forget that the YUI reset removes all the styles and YUI base purely adds some styles back in for cosmetic reasons to allow you to start developing.

    The intention is that you write your own styles and remove YUI base before you go into production.

    YUI reset in minimised form is 940 bytes which I don't think is bloated at all. Have you got a reason why you think it is or are you looking at YUI reset and base together?

    Mind you YUI base is 910 bytes so together you are looking at 1,850 bytes. If your website is an online one (not intranet based for example) then call the files from the Yahoo or Google infrastructure and they will be extremely fast in any case.

  • I would just use Eric Meyer's Reset Reloaded. It's pretty simple.

  • I second the alex suggestion and for the base, why do you say 960 is bloated? It's just a small file and you can make it even smaller if you strip one of either the 12 or 16 columns.


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