Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Windows Form Chat application ideas?

I have a small application that I am building a Chat application into, so far I have the functionality to post messages!

I don't need a login as there will only be a small number of users and I will use their windows username for identification.

Has anyone done anything similiar? What else do I need to add? It doesn't need to be all singing and dancing as it is just for use within a small development team.

Any ideas would be great!


From stackoverflow
  • Couple Thoughts:

    1. System Tray Icon, easily hidden/restored, etc.
    2. Since you have the Windows Accounts, send them an email (if you have exchange/ad email integration), if they're offline.
    3. Auto-start on windows startup
    4. Click-once / Auto Update
    5. Web-based and/or Mobile-based versions.
    6. Copy/Paste (with ability to paste images)
    7. Not sure if it is useful, but it'd be cool: sending a message to a given "bot" ... fake username... such as a Distribution Group Name, sends an email to the Distribution Group and then emails sent to that distribution group get posted to that conversation
    8. "Show other user my screen" -> mini screen-cap, etc.
    9. Source-Control / Bug-Tracking Aware.

    Just some random thoughts, let me know how it turns out.

  • filesharing, webcam, auto away, timestamp!(this is where Live Messenger fails big time ;)

  • Chat Histoty ;)

    SSL enabled communication

    Requirement : It should not add unnecessary vulnerabilities to the system, Since it a related with Windows Authentication + There are open ports So there is a good chance of going something wrong.

    • searchable chat history - searchable from the desktop search
    • ability to chat to multiple people in the same conversation
    • status notifications for /away or /busy
  • It would be useful to bring new messages to your users attention without stealing focus, perhaps implementing a hook into the Snarl messaging program which is similar to Growl on Mac OS X?

    This does mean that you would need to have the Snarl system installed on each of your workstations.


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