Thursday, May 5, 2011

Resharper uninstall - Visual Studio no longer shows correct error highlighting

Hi all

I've been trying out resharper and decided that I'd like to uninstall. However, after doing so, Visual Studio no longer shows red underline highlighting that it normally uses to identify the location of errors in the code.

This has happened on two of our PCs so far. I've tried a reinstall and a repair, but no luck. Any ideas how I can restore the highlighting in Visual Studio?



From stackoverflow
  • Go to tools -> options and under Environment select the Fonts and Colors node.

    Choose to show the settings for Text Editor and in the Display items listbox look up the item "Syntax Error" and fix the setting.

    Another option might be to use the "Use Defaults" button on top of the same options form.

  • Go to Options → Text Editor → C# → Advanced, check the following options:

    • Underline errors in the editor
    • Show live semantic errors

    alt text

    Chuck Conway : I'm having the same issue... blue underline when I execute a resharper action.
  • I had a similar problem - not sure if it was brought on by Resharper uninstall - and it got fixed by installing VS 2009 SP 1.

    Edward : VS 2008 SP1, I mean.
  • Check Show live semantic errors ... from the picture in one of the previous posts


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