Thursday, May 5, 2011

methods with the same soapaction


I'm doing contract-first development of a SOAP server. The wsdl declares the same soapAction for several methods. Now svcutil produces code that declares the same value for the OperationContractAttribute.Action property of several methods. This causes a runtime error which says that every operation must have a unique action value.

How can I solve this? When I change the value of the Action property my server no longer accepts requests from clients.

It turns out that the soapaction has to be unique if the routingstyle is set to soapaction, which is the default. So I tried setting it to RequestElement. Unfortunately, this causes the server to no longer recognize the client's messages. I had hoped that the Routingstyle would only change the server's internal behavior.

Any tips would be highly appreciated.

Thanks, regards, Miel.

From stackoverflow
  • There is no solution for this in WCF.

    Trying to change the routingstyle as I did, applies to ASMX, not WCF.

    A workaround may be possible, but there's no standard solution.


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