Friday, May 6, 2011

How do you add an icon overlay to folders icons in Source Control Explorer?

I am interested in marking folders as Active, Archived, and Released in Source Control Explorer so it is easier for the team to see which branches are active. I am somewhat familiar with VSX so once I know where to start I can make progress, but I need help with where to start.

An example of what I want to do is VisualSVN which places a status of the files in Solution Explorer. I am unsure if TFS will allow me to set a property on the folder so that if the folder is moved that status will move with it. If I have to I could create a file called BranchStatus.xml and read that file to set the icon.

If you know which namespaces and VSX/DTE objects I should look into on MSDN please let me know. I appreciate the help.

From stackoverflow
  • The simple answer is no. The TFS team confirmed there is not extensibility for the Source Control Explorer in VS2008. There may be this option in VS2010.

  • In response to your comment:

    Just as an idea. Using the command line you can setup and modify workspaces for anyone (if you have sufficient privileges). I thing it is also be possible to cloak a branch for other workspaces (ie your co-workers).

    The stuff could still be accessed if needed, but would not be automatically retrieved.

    Not as good as what you were going for, but it could work...


  • What we have decided to do is move the branch into a folder named Archive once we release the next version. This way everyone knows it's just there for historical reference.

    Brennan : This is what we chose to do on our team as well. In VS 2010 there may be options to set a status on the folder/branch but there will not be any extension points like exist in the Solution Explorer. :(


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