Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Forms in Cakephp

Hi, I m creating an application of creating forms.I m using the Form Helper of cakePhp.. In the views

    <?php echo $form->create('Form', array('action' => 'register'));?>
    <?php echo $form->input('Form.name',array('type'=>'textbox'));?>
    <?php echo $form->end(); ?>

The form is not generated ...I m having the Forms_controller..name is ont of the field in my forms table..

Resolve it please....

From stackoverflow
  • Try the following:

    <?php echo $form->create('User', array('url' => array('action' => 'register'))); ?>
    <?php echo $form->input('User.name', array('type'=>'text')); ?>
    <?php echo $form->end(); ?>

    That should do it. Note that "action=>register" array is wrapped in another array with "url=>". Second param of $form->create() is an array of options, not just an URL array, check the good book for other options if you need them.

    Also, input type is text, not textbox. Since you have the action "register" there, I'm assuming it's a user registration form. So, instead of "Form" as param, use your user model name, i.e. probably "User".

    Aruna : Even i did as ur code.. Still i m getting the error as $options = array( 64 "type" => "text", 65 "name" => "data[Form][name]", 66 "value" => null, 67 "id" => "FormName" 68)
    sprintf - [internal], line ??
    69FormHelper::text() - CORE/cake/libs/view/helpers/form.php, line 951
    70FormHelper::input() - CORE/cake/libs/view/helpers/form.php, line 769
    Aruna : sprintf - [internal], line ?? This is the error but i dont know why its happened??? Please resolve it...
    dr Hannibal Lecter : Uh...try removing "array('type'=>'text')"..string input is the default. Where did you get the "FormName" from?


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