Thursday, May 5, 2011

Exclusionary Set Syntax with Linq, VB

I'd like to do a subtraction of sets based on criteria. A pseudo-query would look like:

select table1.columnn1
  from table1, table2
 where (table1.column1.value1 not in table2.column1
        table1.column2.value2 not in table2.column2)

I can make it to about here:

dim list = From tbl1 In table1 Where tt.column1 ...

And from there I don't know what to do.

From stackoverflow
  • Have a look at the Except standard query operator in LINQ. This produces the set difference of two sequences.

    You might also use the Contains operator to achieve what you want, as per the sample below:

    dim table2Col1 = from t in table2 select t.column1
    dim table2Col2 = from t in table2 select t.column2
    dim results = _
       from t in table1 _
       where not table2Col1.Contains(t.column1) _
       and  not table2Col2.Contains(t.column2) _
       select new with { .column1=t.column1, .column2=t.column2 }
    hypoxide : Thanks much, you definitely steered me in the right direction.


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