Friday, May 6, 2011

cols, colgroups and css :hover psuedoclass.

I'm trying to create a table to display an individual's BMI.

As part of this, I'd like, on :hover, for the <tr> and <col> (or <colgroup>) to be highlighted also, in order for the intersection to be more apparent.

As the table will feature both metric and imperial measurements, the :hover doesn't have to stop at the cell (from any direction) and would, in fact, be a bonus if it extended from one axis to the other. I'm also using the XHTML 1.1 Strict doctype, if this makes a difference? example (the real table's...larger), but this should be representative:


tr:hover {background-color: #ffa; }

col:hover {background-color: #ffa; }



    <col class="weight"></col><colgroup span="3"><col class="bmi"></col></colgroup>






Am I asking the impossible, do I need to go JQuery-wards?

From stackoverflow
  • AFAIK CSS Hovers on TR's aren't supported in IE anyway, so at best the TR part of that will only work in Firefox.

    Never even seen a :hover work on a col/colgroup so not sure if that's possible...

    Think you might be stuck with a Javascript implementation.

    Theres an example here that works (rows & cols) in Firefox but again its broken in IE... cols don't work.

    David Thomas : That's definitely consistent with my experiences, if not quite the miracle I was hoping for... =)
    Kezzer : Depends on the doctype and the version. works in IE7 anyway.
    Nick Presta : The :hover state will not only work in Firefox, but every other major non-IE browser (Opera, Konqueror, Safari, et al).
  • There is a very decent jQuery plugin I've come across located here which does a very good job of this kind of thing with loads of examples. Preferentially I'd use that.

    David Thomas : Wouldn't it be nice, though, to be able to use CSS as it should -in my imagination be able to- be used? =) I'll check out the JQuery, thanks for that!
    Chad Scira : thats hover madness! +1


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