Thursday, May 5, 2011

checking for modifications issues

Hi, I got a doubt regarding the usage of ccnet with clear case.I just got an access to my clear case,i am facing another problem.I have a VOB named Test_proj which contains many folders which are not of my concern.Inside that particular VOB,i had made a test folder named 'MY_Source',where i had put all my source files.So when i ran the ccnet,i found that its checking for mdifications for all the folders which is really not needed.I just need my ccnet to check for modifications in that particular folder which is MY_Source.So is there any other tag which i need to mention along with the viewpath which just checks for modfication in the particular folder in the VOB rather than the whole VOB.

2.If it finds any modifications,it should also download the whole source files and start the compilation process.So how can this be configured in ccnet.

Thanks and regards Maddy

From stackoverflow
  • Here's a sample config. block I use for ClearCase:

    <sourcecontrol type="clearCase">

    viewPath specifies the root directory inside your ClearCase view which you want to be checked for modifications (in my case the Components directory). So if you want CCNet to react only to your MY_Source directory modifications, point directly to it in the viewPath.

  • Hi igor, Infact i had even tried that but when i had executed it it came as that path is not a VOB object in the ccnet command prompt window.

    [4644:DEBUG] [VSAT C:\atria\ClearCase\bin\cleartool.exe] cleartool: Error: Not a vob object: "W:\Test_proj\MY_SOURCE".

    As seen above,Test_proj is my VOB and MY_SOURCE is an folder which i am supposed to check for modifications.

    Thanks Maddy


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