Thursday, April 28, 2011

Windows mobile program without form

Is there a way to have a windows mobile app without a form?

I'm writing a small program which is intercepting SMS messages, but I don't want the program to pop up every time it receives a message (which it does right now). any way to have the sms processed in the background instead of popping up the window?

From stackoverflow
  • Sure. Don't create a Form in the Main entry point of the application and it won't have a Form.

    Sam : But then I would need to multi-thread, letting the main thread wait for some event to end the program, since I don't have a form to handle events (sms interception, timer)?
    ctacke : Of course. How else would you propose to do this? You can always create your own message pump (the Smart Device Framework has a Form-less pump as well) but you have to have some sort of loop to keep the app from exiting the entry method.


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