Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SharePoint Sites.ExportWeb return values

I'm playing with the Sites.ExportWeb service in SharePoint, and I've gotten it to the point of returning an integer value.

My problem is I can't find any documentation anywhere about what these return values mean!

My C# code is below, the return value I'm getting is 5, but obviously I need to know what all possible return values mean :)

SitesWebReference.Sites siteservice = new SitesWebReference.Sites();
siteservice.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

int ret = siteservice.ExportWeb("exportJob", source, "http://sharepoint/sites/MySite/Export", true, true, false, 1000);

Would anyone know or have what the return values from ExportWeb and its friend ImportWeb actually mean?


From stackoverflow
  • Ok I've stumbled upon this:

    To summarise:


    1 - Pending // The operation is in progress
    4 - InvalidExportUrl // The site specified in the webUrl is not accessible
    5 - ExportFileNoAccess // The location specified in the dataPath is not accessible
    6 - ExportWebNoAccess // The user does not have the open web permission and manage web permission in order to execute this operation successfully
    7 - ExportError // An error other than the errors  listed in this table occurred during exporting the site
    8 - UploadDataError // The content migration package file is not uploaded to the server successfully


    1 - Pending // The operation is in progress.  
    2 - GenericError // An error other than the errors listed in this table occurred importing the site.  
    4 - InvalidImportUrl // The site specified in the webUrl is not accessible.  
    5 - ImportFileNoAccess // At least one location specified in dataFiles i s not accessible.  
    6 - ImportWebNoAccess // The user has insufficient permission to import to  the location specified in webUrl. 
    8 - ImportWebNotEmpty // The location specified by webUrl corresponds to an existing site  that is not a blank site.  
    11 - LogFileNoAccess // The location specified by  logPath is not accessible.

    Sorry about the code view for the quotes, I was having an argument with the preview screen.


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