Thursday, April 28, 2011

Problem with textfields and scene transition + cocos2d

I am having problems with my textfield not flowing with the scene transistion. Basically my scene is transition with this call:

Scene* gs = [[[QuestionsScene alloc] initWithPage:2] autorelease];   
[[Director sharedDirector] replaceScene: [SlideInRTransition transitionWithDuration:0.5 scene: gs]];

However in my init i have a textfield called here:

    [answerBox setTextColor:[UIColor blackColor]];
    [answerBox setTextAlignment:UITextAlignmentLeft];
    [answerBox setContentHorizontalAlignment:UIControlContentHorizontalAlignmentLeft];
    [answerBox setClearsOnBeginEditing:YES];
    [answerBox setBorderStyle:UITextBorderStyleRoundedRect];

[answerBox setDelegate:self]; [answerBox setReturnKeyType:UIReturnKeyDone]; [answerBox setAutocapitalizationType:UITextAutocapitalizationTypeWords]; [[[Director sharedDirector] openGLView] addSubview: answerBox];
The textbox does not follow the transition, it just sits there into the next scene. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

From stackoverflow
  • You add the answerBox to the openGLView directly, not to the scene. So naturally when the scene changes, the answerBox is not affected.

    If you use a UILabel, you cannot add it as a child on a CocosNode object, so you can't add it to your scene.

    Look into using the Cocos2d label class instead. Either use Label or it's faster cousin LabelAtlas

    I haven't checked how Cocos2d manages its views. Perhaps there might be another option? You can try on the cocos2d forums.

  • For this solution, i just did removed the textbox upon transition

    [nameBox removeFromSuperview];

    and reappear when it comes back to the scene:

    [nameBox becomeFirstResponder];

    which there was a smoother transition to this though.


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