Friday, April 29, 2011

MFC like easy to use tool for Linux

When I used to write test tools in Windows, I use MFC for creating the front-end GUI. This made development of GUI development very fast, and I always used to concentrate on the back-end. Recently I moved to the console based Linux-world. Where most of the things are just console based.

My question: Is there any easy to use equivalent of MFC in Linux?

From stackoverflow
  • There are a lot of alternatives.

    I like wxWidgets. Others will recommend Qt.

  • If you are used to MFC, you will LOVE QT.

  • Another option is to use Glade to build GTK+ or GNOME applications.

    clee : If he's used to MFC, Glade/GTK+/GNOME are a pretty far cry from it.
  • I've never used MFC, but supposedly the wxWidgets toolkit is somewhat MFC-like. Though I prefer Qt over wxWidgets as IMHO the API is nicer, more complete and better documented, and the Qt GUI builder is pretty good.

    A nice thing with both Qt and wxWidgets BTW is that they are both cross-platform toolkits; they work on Linux/Unix, Windows, OS X, and maybe other platforms as well.


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