Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to get an outline view in sublime texteditor?

How do I get an outline view in sublime code editor for Windos?

The minimap is helpful but I miss a traditional outline (a klickable list of all the functions in my code in the order they appear for quick navigation and orientation)

Maybe there is a plugin, addon or similar? It would also be nice if you can shortly name which steps are neccesary to make it work.

There is a duplicate of this question here:

From stackoverflow
  • Hit Ctrl+R for the function list. This works in Sublime Text 1.3 or above.

    : Sounds good. But nothing happens when I press ctrl-r. I have a php file open. Can I locate the command in a menu? Does this work without a plugin? karlthorwald
    : I looked, but there is no ctrl-r in the key binding file (under preferences). Do you have it there? If so, which is the "commmand" for it?
    jskinner : Ctrl+r exists in the current beta version (, but not in 1.2
    Cory Petosky : Updated answer with jskinner's addition.


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