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How to connect my laptop and desktop for file sharing and internet connection.?

Dear all,, Well i fear to post this question here.. But this is only because i am not able to find the answer to this question anywhere.. But if the administrator still thinks that this question is not worth putting here, then he or she can delete it.. But i would be obliged if that doesn't happen and i get the answer to my question.. Also, this question is arised only because i want to connect my pc and laptop to do network programming. So please, desperately need help. thnx..

Well my question being:-

I wanted to connect my laptop with the desktop which is currently connected to internet with Beetel 220BX1 ADSL2 + Modem router (Airtel Broadband Connection). This router has 2 ports at the back side, one LAN and one USB.. I wanted to connect my laptop with internet and file sharing as well with my desktop computer. So how is it possible??

So i need help from network people as to how to connect this.. Also am i adhering to rules and regulations of the broadband company??

Please give me some solution to this..

From stackoverflow
  • Note: I'm assuming you're running Windows...

    You should be able to login to your router here:

    If your router password is still set to the default, will be "password". There should be some screen that you can input your DSL username and password so that you don't have to do so every time you sign on.

    You'll want to enable DHCP on the router. Once you've saved your changes you you should go into your Network Connections and Repair your connection. This should give you a valid IP address, and the ability to access the internet.

    In the Control Panel, there is an option called Network Setup Wizard. It pretty much guides you through setting up a home network.

  • It depends on if the desktop is connecting to the router via usb or ethernet. If the desktop is using ethernet you'll need to get an ethernet switch or possibly a router and plug it in between all three devices. Linksys, netgear, dlink, and buffalo all make a huge variety of these and sell them for around $50 bucks just about anywhere.

    If you are connecting to the router using usb, you could try using windows connection sharing. Mac has something along those lines as well. Typically to activate it you would right-click on the network connection icon and select "share this connection". Then you'd plug the laptop into the desktop with an ethernet cable. Depending on the types of ethernet adapters involved, you might need a crossover ethernet cable.

    If all goes well, your desktop will act as a second router and allow the laptop to access the internet via it's connection. Note that this is in no way a preferable solution to just buying a hub, but I'm assuming you don't want to spend the money since you're bothering to ask.

    Connecting multiple PC's to your dsl connection shouldn't be a violation of ToS, but you should check your contract if you're really concerned about it.

    My suggestion? Buy a linksys wrt54g and move on. You'll have NAT, you'll have a basic packet filter, you'll have a switch, several ethernet ports for your desktop, and wireless for the laptop.

    AGeek : Thnx a lot sir, for ur valuable answer.. The information was really valuable... Well my desktop is connected directly to router through Direct Ethernet Cable... And is it possible to use switch between the router and computer/laptop as switch may have more ethernet ports.. please guide on this..
    AGeek : Also,, apart from internet sharing... is File sharing also possible between computer and laptop using a switch...
    easel : Sure, the switch will allow file sharing. I'd go with a router, as there is a good chance your internet modem doesn't provide NAT services. Is your IP address in the 192.168.X.X range?
  • what if running linux machines?


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