Monday, April 25, 2011

How do I enable saving of filled-in fields on a PDF form?

Some PDF forms can be saved, including all filled-in field data:can be saved

Some others can not be saved, and all filled-in field data are lost:can not be saved

How do I enable saving of filled-in fields on my PDF form?


From stackoverflow
  • You can use the free foxit reader to fill in the forms, and if you pay a little you can design the forms that way you want.

    You can also us iText to programmaticly create those forms.

    There are free online services that allow you to upload a pdf and you can add fields also.

    It depends on how you want to do the designing.

    EDIT: If you use foxit reader, you can save any form that is fillable.

    eleven81 : I have used foxit, and it does not have the ability to enable saving of filled-in fields on my PDF form.
    Milhous : We use version 2.3 at work and it allows our customers to save the fields.
    Milhous : You are correct that foxit cant "enable" saving for users using Adobe, but for foxit it works.
  • There is a setting inside the PDF file that turns on the allow saving with data bit. However, it requires that you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat installed to change the bit.

    The only other option is to print it to a PDF print driver which would save the data merged with the pdf file.

    UPDATE: The relevant information from adobe is at:

    eleven81 : I have Acrobat 6.0 Professional installed. Where is that setting?
  • When you use Acrobat 8, or 9, to enable user rights on a PDF so that it can be saved with the data, it adds about 20 kb to the pdf.

    The other possibility is to use CutePDF Pro, add a submit button and have the XFDF data submitted to your self as an email or to a web server. The XFDF data can then reload the original PDF with your data.


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