Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fogbugz or BaseCamp which proj man. tool do you prefer

Which do you prefer Fogbugz or Basecamp (project management tools).

We are trying to decide which one to go ahead with so any likes and dislikes and things to watch out for would be appreciated.

From stackoverflow
  • I have only used Fogbugz for bug tracking as well as development tasks. I like creating creating case out of a bug, integration with perforce. The whole UI experience is very user freindly.

  • If you're dealing with a single outside client for the project use Basecamp. It's designed for facilitating that type of communication and it does so very well. But it's not really ideal for a software project. You can't assign items to people, there's no scheduling, etc. Using it to manage a software project would definitely be a classic square peg/round hole situation.

    If you're working on the project only internally with a team, FogBugz hands down. Evidence-based scheduling is brilliant. It has proper task tracking (priorities, due dates, user assignments, etc) and source control integration. It was built for managing a software project and it excels at it.

  • I haven't had any experience with Basecamp (have been looking at it, but no actual usage), but I can say that I really do like Fogbugz.

    What I like about it is its ease of use, no-nonsense approach to things, and its simplicity. Also, since you get the full documentation for the database backend (on MS SQL Server or MySQL), it's open for your own extensions.

    I give Fogbugz a big THUMBS UP



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