Monday, April 25, 2011

Does A#.Net work in Visual Studio 2008?

As per the title. For those who don't know, it's basically Ada for .Net.

From stackoverflow
  • According to wikipedia, A#.Net has been folded into "GNAT for .Net" for future releases

    AdaCore has taken over this development, and announced "GNAT for .NET", which is a fully supported .NET product with all of the features of A# and more.

    TraumaPony : It's been integrated into Visual Studio 2005.
    TraumaPony : That article was published a month before it was released. Damn not being able to edit comments.
    ConroyP : Link to out-dated article removed, thanks. Editing comments will be a nice feature on SO, I usually delete and re-enter in place of editing.
    John Saunders : Neat. I used to use Ada for all my pseudo-code, since real compilers used to cost too much. URL:
  • The 2010 .Net. version is supposed to work with MVS 2008.

  • I'm a student and i need the ada compiler but i can´t find or i can't install, who can help me?


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