Friday, April 15, 2011

Converting a List of Base type to a List of Inherited Type

I would be certain that this question addresses something that would have been brought up in a previous question, but I was unable to find it.

There is a method in a C# class that takes as a parameter a generic List of a Base Class. I need to pass a list of an inherited class and do not know exactly how to do this. I am getting an error in my attempts. Below is sample code to illustrated this:

public class A
   public static void MethodC(List<A>)
       // Do Something here with the list
public Class B : A
   // B inherits from A, A is the Base Class   

// Code utilizing the above method 
List<B> listOfB = new List<B>();
A.MethodC( (List<A>) listOfB );  // Error: this does not work
A.MethodC( listOfB.ToList<typeof(A)>() ); // Error: this does not work
A.MethodC( listOfB.ConvertAll<A>(typeof(A)) ); // Error: this does not work
// how can I accomplish this?  It should be possible I would think

Note: Here is my final working Method as a reference. I got an even better solution to my problem, but technically it wasn't an answer to the question, since my question was phrased impropertly.

 public static DataTable 
      (List<GLIST> ObjectCollection) where GLIST 
              : BaseBusinessObject
            DataTable ret = null;

            if (ObjectCollection != null)
                foreach ( var b in ObjectCollection)

                    DataTable dt = b.ToDataTable();
                    if (ret == null)
                        ret = dt.Clone();
                    if (dt.Rows.Count > 0)

            return ret;
From stackoverflow


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