Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adding a Form Folder with a local role in Plone 3

If I assign a user all available local roles using the sharing tab, they still aren't able to add a Form Folder. How do I work around this?

I'm using Plone 3.1.7 and PloneFormGen 1.5.2

From stackoverflow
  • I assume you're able to add a Form folder as admin (in the location you're testing it out as that normal user)? Just to make sure the product is installed correctly.

    Another option is: how did you configure the addable types? Did you restrict that somehow?

    anneb : Yes, I can add a form as admin and I haven't configured addable types.
    Reinout van Rees : Well, "it should just work", so I'm down to "making sure". - I've made the mistake once of giving a user all sorts of rights on the main document of a folder instead of on the folder itself. - Can the user add other items in the folder just fine? - There's a 1.5.4 out. You could try installing that one. The infamous "perhaps a reinstall helps". Sorry for not having a sure-fire solution; I'm down to guessing.


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