Sunday, March 20, 2011

Use Google Maps Bubble as a Custom Tooltip Background

I want to use the Google Maps "bubble" in my web site. It pops up when you click on a pin...

Google Maps Bubble

Has anybody done this? I can't even find the required image(s) using Firebug. If I can just find the image(s) that powers this bubble, I can handle the rest!

From stackoverflow
  • These are the images being used, presumably as sprites:

    Not sure you're at liberty to use them, tho

    Josh Stodola : Looks like I can't accept my answer for a couple days, so forget it, I'm deleting it and accepting yours. Thanks for the help!
    David Hedlund : heh, no worries. in response to your comment on your now deleted post, i used the 'net' tab in firebug, and filtered it to show images only. it was still quite an effort tho, the maps them self created quite a lot of noise in my filter =)
    Josh Stodola : Now if only I can dig up the markup structure and accompanying CSS from Google to build the end result. Ahhh, what am I saying, that's half the fun!
    David Hedlund : get it working on your own, and *then* check out how google did it =) the power of spriting techniques is quite appreciable when you consider that google use a 1144x370px image for a shadow effect that is rarely displayed in anything near that size.


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