Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Looking for an XSLT community

I do a lot of XSLT programming. I also do Java, PL/SQL, JavaScript, and a few others. I can easily find communities of Java and JavaScript programmers via the web. PL/SQL is a little more difficult, but between OTN and AskTom, I do pretty well. But XSLT seems to be neglected to me. Where do you go for XSLT? I know about W3Schools, and its great, but I'm beyond tutorials.

While SO is a great community, it is telling that the tags for this question have a combined usage of a only 188.

From stackoverflow
  • not sure if it is still active, but you might find interesting.

    dacracot : Latest news post on that site was over two years ago... 09/05/2006... but thanks.
  • Stackoverflow, of course!

    Altova has some impressive looking XML tools. I often see them listed in Google's results when I am looking for general XML help. A quick search on their site gave a decent looking list of XSLT docs.

    dacracot : Yeah, yeah... SO... I knew someone would say that. And I don't need a tool, I need a community.
    dacracot : Not saying that SO is just a tool, and its a great community, but it is not XSLT oriented, it anything and everything oriented. Altova's stuff is the tool I refer to.
    Jason Z : Stackoverflow is a community, and Altova's forums appear to meet the critera of a community as well.
    dacracot : I guess my point is that their forum for XSLT is labeled: "Creating, debugging and executing XSLT and XQuery stylesheets with Altova products"... sounds like a tool forum, hence the "with Altova products".
  • microsoft.public.xsl looks active. If newsgroups are your kind of thing.

    dacracot : Am I gonna get flamed there since I use Java and Oracle's XDK?
    Tomalak : Not, if you don't mention it. ;-) No, of course not. It is about XSL, not about Microsoft.
  • The xsl-list is really active, and a lot of the big names in XSLT (such as Michael Kay) participate.

  • The xsl-list is the mailing list dedicated to XSLT questions.

    XSLT questions are often submitted and answered:

    Hope this helped.


    Dimitre Novatchev


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