Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is RubyAMF production ready?

Am considering using it for a project. It keeps getting recommended to me. I am wondering if anyone has had any success and can comment?

From stackoverflow
  • According to the website it is production ready. I have never used it, I cannot comment.

    It cites JukeFly as a site that uses RubyAMF.

  • I used RubyAMF in production before and it worked great but I abandoned it for webORB for rails because RubyAMF has not been supported or updated since 2008. You are doing the right thing by choosing AMF as your transfer protocol. Take a look at the performance gains on James Ward's blog it is substantial.

    NJ : Thanks! Very helpful. I am looking into webORB now.
  • I'm looking to this now and to me I find the opposite of joker's answer to be true, webORB (2006) is dated and all but dead, and rubyAMF seems to have much recent activity. That said the most promising framework for rails/flex I have found is RestfulX.


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